Invitacion Congreso en Viena CIE 2010

Eduardo Manzano, Presidente CRNOA, nos hace llegar una información que le llego un poco tarde, es una invitación a
participar de un congreso en Viena 14 al 17 de Marzo 2010 sobre Calidad en iluminación y eficiencia energética

Letter of Invitation

Dear Colleagues,

logo_finalThe CIE, founded in 1913, is the oldest and most respected International Lighting Organisation, which deals with all the different aspects of this subject. It is totally committed to the development of energy efficient lighting technologies and standards but without sacrificing safety, security and other important aspects of lighting quality.This objective can be achieved through the intelligent use of new technologies and a scientific understanding of the varied human needs for different types of lighting in different settings.

  • A more efficient use of daylight augmented with the use of more efficient lamps and the latest lighting technology now enable us to save energy without sacrificing good lighting.
  • Findings in medical science reveals that light plays important roles in mainteining optimum regulation of biological rhythms and hormones on a daily basis. However, the improper choice of lamps or luminaires (fixtures) and poor lightning design and/ or lighting installation maintenance, can actually have negative consequences for health and also for traffic safety, personal security, work performance and well being.
  • Electronic systems  enable us to adapt light levels and timing of artificial lighting to minimize energy consumption depending on the levels of available daylight and occupancy in buildings as well as traffic volumes on roadways.

Good lighting brings safety, security and a better quality of life to all but needs to be related to the supply of the correct amount of light and with good colour rendering, with the minimal use of resources.  CIE 2010 will therefore highlight.

  • Surveys of experimental projects
  • Lighting techniques & scenarios
  • Integrated approaches in Lighting Design
  • Lighting quality criteria
  • Future possible lighting schemes
  • Methods to compare lighting installations
  • Case studies of energy-efficient lighting
  • Review of energy-efficient lighting control systems
  • Energy efficiency and environmental compatibility

As President of the CIE, and as Conference President, I am proud to present CIE 2010 “Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency” as a unique forum to get to know the latest developments and results and invite you to join in the effort to enhance lighting quality and reduce energy consumption worldwide.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vienna next year

Dr Franz Hengstberger
Conference President

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